This is my personal site, the Lord M's Castle in space.
I'm a young animator and I made this virtual Showroom for my proof and short films.

All the videos and draws on this site are my production, if I don't say the contrary.

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Now enter my castle, take a tour.

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DISCLAIMER: the site is all a production of the author, all the simbols and celtic reference are related with my passion for celtic culture, all the meanings that these simbols take after the end of celtic culture are rejected by the author. Some of the contents may have nude or erotic subjects, but just drawn. Be sure it is not againist the law of your country that you see these contents or against your moral. All the uses of this site or its contents have to be asked to the author. All the videos and image are property of the author, I own all the original source of the produtcion on the site. You are allowed to use the material on the site for personal use ONLY. For every sort of use even for no-profict purpose you must agree with the author. Animation diffusion or linking the files are allowed ONLY in free contest but it has to be clear who is the author. I'll take care of answering and discussing every request of the material or porpose asked to me for uses of the site contents and porposes of teaming project.

Enjoy the site.




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